Who is C4Life?

Coaching 4 life has been in operation as a LTD company since 2001, when our founder and director returned from the UK to establish Coaching 4 Life New Zealand.  read more

Are you looking for spiritual balance in life? Need guidance, support or a more holistic approach? Why not visit my ministry site for free resources? Click here

In recent months, my focus has been on the local Church which I lead in Auckland. We are developing a community initiative to provide the practical skills of living on a restricted budget, whilst raising a family with the daily challenges of day to day living.

We provide food hampers from our food bank along with practical  budgeting skills.If you would like to donate financially or offer your time, we would love to hear from you.


A selection of motivational messages each Sunday @ Eden

Coaching Ethos 

Every coach has a model by which they coach. This defines the values and ethos dictating the sessions, and spirit behind the process. Whilst coaching is not counselling, the coaching process is influenced by the personal model that each coach uses. I choose to set my values from Biblical principles, not just coaching techniques. With over 38 years of experience in pastoral care and leadership, I have come to recognise that many individuals that turn up for counselling, actually need coaching. Coaching deals with systems of self empowerment and strategies to set and achieve future goals and objectives. The process is more important than the destination, or what you are becoming (the journey) is as important as what you want to become. My personal mission is "to bring a message of hope to a people of destiny". I believe this is achieved by leading people to an awareness and knowledge of Gods perfect design, which brings an empowered and maximised life.



Coaching 4 Life is committed to your success, both professionally and personally, through:

    One to one coaching      Consulting and support structures     Workshops and small group team building       Conference and public speaking/Training      Transitional Management – Personal and organisational      Vision and Values Teaching and Training     Community – (None profit organisation coaching) □ Health and Diet (Paleolithic Life) ​
□ Project and programme management   Course development and management □ Pre and post moderation □ Workplace assessment □ Academic management □ Tutor training
□ Lecturing (hospitality - Cooking - Food Tech - Leadership - Business Management)​​

Previous programmes managed include: Leadership, Theological, Hospitality, Tourism, Cooking, Security, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Business, IT, Career Guidance, Goods and Services, HT, Restaurant and food service. National certificate, Diploma, Degree (Level 1-7)

Take a few minutes to consider the cost effective benefits of having your  personal cheerleader and vision strategist. We are Values based and Vision driven, so you can count on hearing the truth and within the parameters of a positive environment.

With over 40 years of business and life experience that spans the globe, with experience in the volunteer and business sector, I understand the value of a dollar.

We base all our services on values. Our belief; is that by determining ones core values and purpose statement, a framework for sustained success is enabled. Companies and individuals who plan and operate with an ethical focus, sustain longevity and high staff morale.  

By focusing on the individuals within an organisation, better profits and sustained momentum will likely result. As each person discovers their life purpose, commits to their total development, inspiration will follow. Our skill in this area forms the foundation for our company strategy and vision.

Coaching - Training

Coaching 4 life, is about coaching for life and  Developing strategies for personal growth and empowerment. Your personal cheer leader and coach.   read more

Balance Coaching

  • Vision and Values Setting
  • Lifestyle Balance
  • Define, Prioritise, Plan, and Act 
  • Develop - Spirit - Body - Mind
  • A Sounding Board
  • Video Presentation.

Life Coaching Sessions Can Be Provided:

In person, face to face, via Skype media, telephone (local, and International by arrangement), We also provide workshops, training days, coach the coach sessions and in house training.


1. No travel time, traffic jams, parking issues and public transport worries

2. The client chooses the session time and venue.

3. No pretense, dressing up or personal impressions to be made 

4. More effective use of time and work schedule

When all is said and done, it's not what's said, but what is done. A goal without a plan is merely a dream, and whilst it is good to dream of a preferable future, ACTION is the concrete. By all means, put your dreams in sand but put your plans in concrete. 

What should I expect during a coaching session?

  Each session is 50-60 minutes (depending on the mode of coaching) and as per contracted time. 
Scheduled phone sessions 45-50 mins Face-to-face sessions 45-60 mins
Workshop results and workbooks
​ Further time may be required for assessments, 360 reviews, and action plans. A progress and session report is usually sent via email 24 hours prior to your next scheduled visit.
​ A weekly evaluation and strategy plan is given at the conclusion of each face to face session or within 48 hours, in the case of a phone session.

As Your Coach,I will not:

Provide sessions that meander, accommodate blame or justify yesterday;
Disclose information shared in coaching sessions. Compromise the professional relationship. Offer any type of clinical or psychological counselling. Encourage dependency or support a victim mentality. Confuse boundaries of counsel with coaching. Facilitate excuses for none accomplishment.

As Your Coach, I will provide:
Strategies that provide healthy boundaries for
success in Life & Work: which provide the pathway by; Establishing strong boundaries that lead to improved self-esteem. When we feel good about ourself, we see the good in others. This helps us in building strong relationships, and networks for success. 

What Next?

>  Book a free 15-20 minute coaching assessment

>  Download the FREE personal assessment survey

>  Schedule a three session contract 

>  Attend a 3 hour coaching workshop

Some of our services include:

One to one learning support, workshops, course development and design, personal development, defining a learning strategy, workplace assessment, and much more. 

      Calendar Of Events 2023:

Feb 13, 20, 27,       Pursuit of Freedom 

Feb - Dec            @ Eden Church Auckland   

​                                   3 Ngaire Ave Epsom

March - Nov           Living Epistles @ Thursdays

Apr  5-26                Vision and Values Tele-Cast 1

May  2023               Coaching clinic 101 and 102.

June 2023              Vision and ValuesTele-Cast 2

August 2023          Programme Management

October 2023         Coach like me series

All December         Recess - No bookings           

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