I have made it a part of my accountability / personal development plan to check in with Tony a couple of times a year. 8 years on, I am glad I did. 

                                                               Eric Burdis.

I knew what I wanted to achieve , just had no confidence or motivation to get there. I was sick of promising myself "one day". Thanks for the much needed honesty!

                                                          Patrice Laurence.

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"As a career professional, I sort of felt a bit like a fraud for seeking help, when I get paid to give it, but within ten minutes of my enquiry call, I felt as if  I was going to get the support I was lacking. I did, and I am using the same keys with my clients now "

Jordan Reddy

About Us

Who Are We?

Coaching 4 Life was formed out of a recognised need within the community. As a skills trainer and motivational speaker, our director; (Tony McKeown) on his return from Europe, enrolled in a life coach training programme and began providing support in the form of private workshops to none profit organisations, church groups, and businesses in NZ and Australia. This led to openings within private training establishments (P.T.E.) Polytechnics, Universities and none profits. 

In recent years, C4LIFE has aligned with fellow coaches, (and ministers) who share a passion and faith in serving churches both local and worldwide. Director Tony McKeown, has been an ordained minister since 1985, and his passion is leading through vision and values. He is the senior pastor of a local church in Auckland New Zealand, and merges his faith with practical applications in both educational sectors and the Christian community.

Tony is an accredited vocational coach with I.C.A Australia, as well as a qualified sports chaplain.

"I was impressed with the unique personalisation 

of the process used. I wasn't really sure what I was expecting, but by the time the second session came around, I found "the toolbox" used in our sessions, to be a great help.  I found the programmes offered at coaching 4 life, a real help. I also found the personal space and no nonsense approach an ideal fit to my busy lifestyle ."

Pete Devlin


Tony’s approach is refreshing, and with his knowledge and experience we were able to identify my areas of
challenges and strengthens, while working towards my preferred future. As a result, it has given me the motivation to challenge and change areas both in my business and personal life. I recommend Tony to anyone who wants to achieve growth in all areas of their lifestyle.

                                                                  Jen Deans 

What's Needed To Maximize My Coaching Experience?

1. Commitment - the more commitment you have, the greater the potential progress.

2. Openness- to the coaching process and to different perspectives.

3. Honesty - with the coaching partnership to enable accurate feedback.

4. Patience- because most worthwhile things in life take time.

5. Investment in yourself - because the biggest gains come from investment in your potential.

Always remember that we have spent a lifetime learning and developing these habits, patterns and behaviours which often need to be dismantled and replaced with new ways of doing things.

Often these habits keep re-appearing like the default settings in a computer. If the programme is not overwritten, chances are we will default back to the old and familiar. Coaching helps us to identify. replace and support us into and through these changes.

"I have been providing team training for years, and was feeling stale. Tony was engaged to provide a Friday afternoon workshop for my team. Fantastic feed back, and cannot wait until the next session. "

Ruth Mcmanus

"Coaching 4 Life is dedicated to Building people, who build businesses".

The most valuable asset of any organisation is its people. Build quality people and you build quality products and services”. Tony Mckeown - Director C4L

Tony Mckeown, is Director and founder of Coaching 4 Life LTD, a professional coaching practice based in Auckland New Zealand. A professional coach and personal mentor to entrepreneurs and companies , his philosophy of “investing into people – not products”, has seen Coaching 4 Life establish a strong presence in the arena of innovative coaching and training relationships. Read More

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What Life Coaching Is Not?

Life coaching is not therapy, mentoring, consulting or counselling. It doesn't review and focus on past events. Nor does it deal with mental illness, psychiatric problems, abuse or addictions. It is primarily a pragmatic approach to realising a person's potential in pursuing a particular goal. At the same time ensuring that the rest of that person's life is well balanced to deal with the constant challenges of living.


  • Living Essentials
  • This One Thing
  • Vision and Values
  • Life In The Spirit
  • Defining and Living Successfully
  • Seven Steps To Personal Empowerment
  • Developing A Culture Of Change
  • Developing Personal and Corporate Leadership
  • Can I Coach Like You?
  • Small Group Leadership Dynamics 
  • Pursuit of Freedom - Begins Feb 13 2020 - scan q code

Coaching - Training

Coaching 4 life, is about coaching for life and  Developing strategies for personal growth and empowerment. Your personal cheer leader and coach.   read more

Balance Coaching

  • Vision and Values Setting
  • Lifestyle Balance
  • Define, Prioritise, Plan, and Act 
  • Develop - Spirit - Body - Mind
  • A Sounding Board
  • Video Presentation.

Who is C4Life?

Coaching 4 life has been in operation as a LTD company since 2001, when our founder and director returned from the UK to establish Coaching 4 Life New Zealand.  read more